Friday, April 24, 2009

Snapshot Cebu

Cebu, the regal city of the south, has come a long way from its storied past and its much hailed success story. Today it is famed as a culinary destination, for its verdant hills, and inviting beaches just two hours away from the city center.

A lot of us are already familiar with Cebu probably from the many "made in" marks on certain products, but there is much more to the island than dried mangoes and fish. When planning a trip to Cebu, arrive before sunrise, so you can wake up in paradise, dine like royalty in the afternoon, shop like ther's no tomorrow, enjoy the exuberant nightlife and retire in a palace.

The island truly lives up to its royal title. Managing to face the advent of modernity while maintaining a firm grasp of its history.

Let me take you to its charm, to the very core of excitement and to a place streaks are served like they used too.