Friday, April 9, 2010

Online Shopping at Shopwiki

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hi! Everyone...It's been a long time since i posted anything. I'm so busy this past few months because of our thesis..whew!! I hope it will be accepted this time. Gotta strive hard so that we can make it to the end.

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Friday, May 8, 2009


Serenade me with songs of hate,
tattered with my bitter fate.
Scream out loud with horrible pain,
a symphony that would drive me insane.

Sing a song of mourning and death.
Sing it 'til you're out of breath.
Orate a poem of lasting sadness,
a masterpiece that's filled with madness.

Vocalize what you feel inside you.
Don't stop 'til your face turns blue.
If you hate the world then shout out loud,
"I hate the world and I am proud."

Late Resolution

Dusk of year in my mind, away; but still there.
Yet it is far, so easy and so calm.
But near of time; when trace not found in palm.
A rusty mind cover the words of fear.
As it dwell in wreckage; erase the past.
The lethal lava melted the reason,
wickedness enlarge the hurt of season.
Behind the ornament of shining dust
oath was wrote over the leaflet; white clear
A thought of change had changed to change the
Dreams slow, veto reach through the law of change.
And eyes of lame refuse to sight the ere
For nothing, no one makes a life so clean,
of blind, hope long impossibility was condemned.


Walking into the desert
With pure sand in sight.
A dreadful feeling, a rush for life
rumpus emerged into the body,
an oasis was found to purge
my worries.

But what did I find?
As stagnate nature,
it was just a burglar who stole my emotion.

It made the place stale,
an immutable feeling.
A grip of blood on teh ground and
I found myself, bleeding.

But I must inhume the shodow,
And this immortal kind of pa in.
And forget the burglar who took up piece of myself
I must open my umbrella in the middle of the rain.


In the midst of desperate sorrow,
here comes a firing arrow.
Aiming to strife the bull's eye,
in an unrhymed wind that is in rage.

Storm-gust is in my sight.
Undetermined pulse is in the heart.
Without vision, I can't contain,
to pursue this dream into reality.

An arrow appeared to be me,
no one knws where I'll be.
Just the Almighty Archer directs me
to the fullest extent I'll be.

I do long to endure this pain,
not to fall and stand still again,
All I can do is to bend mu knees and pray,
and draw out the best in me.


I feel like dying,
from all the problems that made me feel blaming.
It's very complicated from what I'm feeling,
that's why all I do is writing.

Writing makes me ease the pain,
the pain I felt when I'm insane.
I can't hurriedly write when I'm not insane,
so thank God for the experience that I gain.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crocodile Farm

Up close and personal to dinosaur's cousin. The crocodile farm in Davao educates as it promotes well-needed information to wash away our fears of the reptile. But a word of caution, a respectful distance is all it wants.


One of the country's famous and talented fashion designers holds court in Davao. Dojie Batu's atelier is a fashionista's shrine in the south. Go and get a hold of one of his marvelous creations.

Jack's Ridge

Once an important outpost of retreating Japanese forces during WW2, Matina Hill now offers everything a discerning diner would look for in a restaurant and coffee shop. With a commanding view of Davao City and the Gulf, it is heaven on earth.

Apo View Hotel

The grand dame of all hotels in Mindanao still offers old era hospitality and service. Food prepared with care is served daily, while rooms are kept clean for guests who seek a much-need respite after a day of adventure. We are happy to report that APO VIEW still reigns supreme.

The Beauty of Davao

Beautifully illustrated travel books sing hymns of praise to the beauty of Davao. The peace and discipline of its people and their desire to live in a crime-free environment has become the envy of many. Amidst the backdrop of the majestic Mount Apo, its famous orchids, famed fruits, and world famous resorts, Davao is the idea of a modern day paradise.

There's something magical about Davao that one falls for. It caters to all. Its strategic location can be a drop off point to Mindanao's great hideways. Its boundless energy, grand surroundings, fabled mountains and enticing fruits has indeed open up a whole new sensorial experience; a love affair with a city that caprivates as it enthralls.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Justine Swimwear

Exploring its many beaches, one will surely need the best swimwear one can lay their hands on. Justin swimwear offers flattering cuts and one-of-a-kind designs to suit every women in town. So hop to Banilad Center or Ayala Cebu and troop to Republik and the maze for the Justine swimwear.

Maribago Blue Water Beach Resort

Looking for the most fulfilling place to stay? Then opt for Maribago Blue Water Beach Resort, one of Cebu's jewels. A place that truly offers a remarkable experience.

Casa Verde

Sometimes a detour can find you in a remarkable place. By sheer luck, I found myself eating in this converted turn of the century house cum restaurant that offers amazing melt-in-the-mouth steak.

Snapshot Cebu

Cebu, the regal city of the south, has come a long way from its storied past and its much hailed success story. Today it is famed as a culinary destination, for its verdant hills, and inviting beaches just two hours away from the city center.

A lot of us are already familiar with Cebu probably from the many "made in" marks on certain products, but there is much more to the island than dried mangoes and fish. When planning a trip to Cebu, arrive before sunrise, so you can wake up in paradise, dine like royalty in the afternoon, shop like ther's no tomorrow, enjoy the exuberant nightlife and retire in a palace.

The island truly lives up to its royal title. Managing to face the advent of modernity while maintaining a firm grasp of its history.

Let me take you to its charm, to the very core of excitement and to a place streaks are served like they used too.

Basking In Boracay

Summer is about spending time creating memories with friends, loved ones, or even enjoying some alone time in toasty weather.

Boracay was love at first sight. Its pristine waters still beckon of beautiful memory. Everything said about its island life and its equally famous nightlife still remains the same, if not better. Far from becoming a fad destination, new facilities have sprung from every destination to accommodate the growing number of Boracay aficionados. Thankfully, these facilities have been mindful of the need to respect and protect its waters and land.

Giving you the best guide to island life, it urges you to celebrate the warmth of the sun, the company of friends and families and to take a different look at the familiar and to be mindful of the carbon footprints we leave behind.

Have the most wondrous summer of 2009.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Score lovely lashes in the blink of an eye.

Lashes can alter your look, whether you opt for a spiky, mod fringe like sixties model Penelope Tree, or a coy curl like actress Kirsten Dunst. Beginners should start simple:"For a natural lash, use a tint [try the water-based Clean Lash Tint by Neutrogena]," says California makeup artist Joni Powell, who perfects celebrity eyes on The O.C. "For extra oomph, coat lashes with a primer and a thicker mascara." Before applying product, gently close a curler at the base of the lashes and pulse up toward the ends. Wipe excess mascara off the tip of the wand and wiggle horizontally upward to the lash tips. Curious about falsies? For easy experimentation, cut up to two months. If you go with a pro, prevent infection by making sure to see someone certified by a company like Xtreme Lashes. Batter up!

TIP#1:Eye-makeup remover before bedtime is a must, especially if you use waterproof mascara.
TIP#2:Don't pump the wand in and out of the tube: It encourages bacteria growth and dries mascara up.
TIP#3:For a daytime alternative, try navy mascara, which brightens eyes.
TIP#4:Dramatic lashes highlight unkempt brows. Groom accordingly!
TIP#5:For a night out, intensify your look with colored mascara.

The Italian Job:Margherita Missoni

Style runs in the family for aspiring actress and beauty connoisseur Margherita Missoni.

At just 23, Margherita Missoni has a lot on her plate. She juggles acting lessons, being relentlessly photographed by paparazzi who adore her personal style, and serving as a muse to her family's fashion house. How does she do it? "I listen to my mother," admits Margherita, who now lives in New York City. "She gives great advise." It makes sense then that her mom(Angela Missoni, the creative director of the brand's women's line) handed Margherita her latest assignment: her role as the face of the Missoni signature fragrance. "I was nervous," she says. "But when I realized what an opportunity this was. It's a dream come true!" And with her obvious comfort in front of the camera, there's little doubt that the would-be actress will make the leap easily from It girl to headliner. "I love acting--I'm young," she says. "I have the rest of my life to be a grown up. Right now, I enjoy being carefree."


TIP#1:Think prevention.It's never too early to start using rich eye cream.
TIP#2:To look naturally happy, recall a favorite place when being photographed.
TIP#3:Deep-condition hair and avoid blow-drying more than twice a week.
TIP#4:Tinted moisturizer gives skin a finished look without being too heavy.

What happens when even "safe" sex isn't good enough?

What happens when even "safe" sex isn't good enough? Leigh Belz reports on HPV, the most common-and very easily spread--STD.

The statistics are shocking: According to the American Social Health Association (ASHA), 75 percent of Americans between the ages of 15 and 49 have been infected by the genital strain of the human papillomavirus (HPV), the proven precursor to cervical cancer. But before you run to your gynecologists, it's important to get the basics on the virus, so you can put the numbers in perspective. Here, the facts on HPV.

What is it?
HPV is a sexually transmitted disease(STD) that is spread through direct contact. The virus is often asymptomatic (meaning there won't be any signs you have it)but can sometimes show in the form of genital warts. the ASHA's National HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention Center estimates that more than 5.5 million new cases of HPV occur each year--that's one-third of all new STD infections. Don't let the numbers freak you out, though. There are more than 100 different strains of the virus, many of which are harmless and will naturally filter out of your body within one to two years. "For about 85 percent of the young girls who contact HPV, their immune system can fight it," says Christine Waldron, an ob-gyn at Women's Health Care of New England. And even those who contract a high-risk type of HPV may not develop cervical cancer.
How can you get it?
Genital HPV is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, not an exchange of bodily fluids, which explains why condom use doesn't completely prevent the spread of the disease--they don't cover the entire genital area where the virus lives. Although a condom can't completely protect you from HPV, it does help minimize the risk of contracting it.

Does it affect males?
According to Waldron, the high-risk starins of HPV that get into females' cervical cells rarely affect males' systems because the skin around their genitals is tougher and less penetrable. Like females, males are carriers of HPV and can show symptoms, such as genital warts, but most often HPV isn't problematic for their bodies.

Should you be worried if you have HPV?
Though it's true that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 4,000 women in the U.S, die of cervical cancer each year, most strains of HPV are trancient and go away on their own. HPV affects your body much like a cold--because it doesn't enter the bloodstream, it doesn't lead to a strong physical immunological response. Having HPV becomes a bigger issue if you contract a train that leads to cervical dysplasia--the production of abnormal or precancerous cells in the cervix.

How do you prevent it?
As reported in The New York Times, two major drug companies are currently working on vaccines to prevent HPV. One, called Gardasil, could have FDA approval by the end of this year and has been shown to be effective in preventing the HPV types most commonly found in cervical cancer. But while getting a preventive vaccine seems simple, shots like Gardasil are quite controversial. the vaccine would be administered to eleven- and twelve-year-olds, causing some conservative doctors and lawmakers to argue that giving a preteen a vaccine against an STD clashes with calls for abstinence. So though a vaccine is on the horizon, it might not be immediately available. In the meantime, Waldron and the CDC agree that the best method for reducing the risk of HPV is abstinence from below-the-belt contact.

Should teens get the HPV test?
The HPV test screens for the thirteen most common strains associated with cervical cancer. According to Waldron, ASHA, and a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, it's not necessary for teens to get the test if they haven't had an abnormal Pap smear; the type of genital HPV that causes your body to produces precancerous cells and could lead to cervical cancer will show up in a regular Pap test. Mild versions of HPV are common among sexually active young women under 30 and, again, often resolve themselves without medical intervention. The commercials you may have caught on TV are aimed at women over 30, who are statistically more at risk than teens for developing cervical cancer from HPV.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pink Slip:Indulge in summer's sweetest treat for lips

Indulge in summer's sweetest treat for lips: delectable shades of rose.

Tip#1: The first step to a gorgeous pout? Soft, smooth lips. Moisturize with the ultra-emollient Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF 15. "Medicated" balms often contain menthol, which can be drying.

Tip#2: Keep gloss in place (and give it unbeatable staying power) with Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner, a translucent product that also softens with vitamin E and shea butter.

Tip#3: Pick the pink that's right for your coloring. Fair-skinned girls look best in cool, bubble-gum hues, while those with darker complexions should go for warmer mauve tones.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Los Angeles Plastic Surgery

Are you in view of plastic surgery in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, California? The objective of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, is to accommodate you with first-class surgical care - harmlessly, safely, carefully, professionally, and at a reasonable price. They offer breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, breast reduction, liposuction, los angeles tummy tuck surgery, facelift surgery, eyelid lifts, los angeles cosmetic surgeon, rhinoplasty or nose surgery and many other surgical and nonsurgical techniques.

Their number one priority is your safety and happiness. They perform procedures in their on-site state of the art surgery center which has the most high-end equipment available and a knowledgeable trained staff. Their Los Angeles plastic surgery center has been fully accredited by AAAHC and the federal government. They use only physician anesthesiologists during surgery, which also enhances your safety

Their unique approach to plastic surgery in Los Angeles is making news. Their plastic surgery center and advanced techniques have recently been featured on Access Hollywood, The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Daily News, KTLA Morning News, Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura, and other media outlets.

To learn more about plastic surgery visit the plastic surgery blog.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stylish eyeglasses right now is very popular. I used to have one but then it's kinda old fashion, so I googled for stylish eyeglasses that will fit my style. Then I found this that sells prescription eyeglasses for only $8!. Can you believe it? It's so affordable, Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank. By the way check out Zenni Optical in the New York Times?!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

USA Online Casinos

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So why not try and visit and play your desired gambling games for real money.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

People who become "Nouveau Riche"

Do you want to be a billionaire? Well, everyone wants to be a billionaire. It’s just the matter of how and when. To be a successful business man, you should have a determination and the courage in doing a business, believe in your idea and never underestimate what you can do, ask yourself if you are willing to make tough decisions for the growth of your company.

The world's self-made billionaires certainly have vision in spades, spanning everything from how computers work to how people shop. But the ability to see around corners isn't the only quality that separates the very accomplished from the stratospherically wealthy.

Nouveau riche (French for "new rich"), or new money, refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation. This term is generally to emphasize that the individual was previously part of a lower socioeconomic rank, and that such wealth has provided the means for the acquisition of goods or luxuries that were previously unobtainable.

There’s this article that uncovers dozens of the most promising ventures of determined Billionaire entrepreneurs. A few of these ventures discuss individuals who are now “Nouveau Riche” because of their entrepreneurial ideas. These stories give the poor hope that they can rise to fame and wealth and become Nouveau Riche when the time comes.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rodeo Drive Mommy Makeover

Beauty is a state of mind. All women deserve to be appreciated, respected, and admired. When a woman improves her appearance, an amazing thing happens. You will become more confident to the people around you.

We all know that our mother wants there body back into shape the way before they have babies because they want to be confident about there appearances as well as to themselves. Most of the mothers today have no time to take care of themselves because of having a lot of problems in the house or in the family. They don’t have much time to exercise or to diet for there body back into shape. But they don’t know that it’s important to be beautiful.

That’s why the Rodeo Drive Mommy Makeover comes in. With this series of procedures, they work to give you back the smooth shape and contours you once had. The Rodeo Drive Mommy Makeover usually includes several procedures. Their tummy tuck makes your midsection flat and smooth. A tummy tuck is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen. People seek a Los Angeles tummy tuck because they treat everybody like a celebrity. Sometimes they also perform a breast lift, often by doing a breast augmentation. In Los Angeles breast reduction their goal is to create the size and shape that will allow you to look good, feel comfortable, and give you the widest options for wearing all types of fashionable clothing. And they also sometimes do liposuction to make other body areas, such as the thighs, more slender.

They have the most unique patient care programs to make your experience as safe and easy as possible. The Rodeo Drive Mommy Makeover is the largest deluxe plastic surgery center in the world.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Piccolo International University

In this fast paced world, online education has been growing since computers were first used in education. By 2006, 3.5 million students were participating in an Online Education in the United States.

Piccolo International University has a good quality of education highly accessible. They will help you reach your goal much sooner than you might expect. All their courses are oriented to entrepreneurial and small business interests, with discussions and activities strictly pertaining to skills and information that have immediate relevance and value for practical business applications.

Choosing an Online Education is right for you because it’s convenient - no more commuting to school, no extra time away from family, complete homework when convenient for you.

By choosing an Online University, you can meet students from all around the globe who contribute their unique perspectives and backgrounds to your educational experience. If you need help you can connect with experienced, practitioner faculty, helpful staff, and fellow students who can guide you through every step.

, founded by entrepreneur Jim Piccolo, was created to offer entrepreneurs and small business professionals practical knowledge specifically designed to help them put their ideas in motion and jumpstart their careers.

Piccolo International University is a unique business university offering associate and bachelor programs in real estate investing, small business management, accounting, finance, and marketing.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical

Choosing eyeglasses that suits you is quite difficult, because it should mix and match into our outfit, especially for me who wants to be perfect to the eyes of the others.

Thankfully, as I googled about eyeglasses which is truly reasonable and affordable prices, I found this Zenni Optical is the popular online eyeglasses shop in the web. They have $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses and Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical.

I will visit Zenni Optical every now and then because they have excellent customer service.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

USA Online Casinos

Want to experience the amusement of playing online casinos just the comfort of your home? Learn, practice and play for a real money and who knows? So to all the players from the United States, why not try this might be your.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Free Casinos

Want to have some fun and experience the entertaining world of playing Online Casinos? To those of you guys who are interested in playing this gambling games online, try and navigate your page in because they have the best selection of gambling games online. There Online Casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks have the best payouts, free bonuses and casino games. is the number 1 online casino guide offering you the most trusted, reliable and have the very best casino reviews with the hottest bonus offers available.

What I like about this site is that it is truly user friendly. From the homepage itself, the layout and design is very well put together, and you can easily bump into those information about their casinos like for US Players Online Casinos and Multi Currency Casinos because it is placed well in columns. is an Online casino directory featuring popular online casinos, big bonus casinos, USA casinos, language casinos, and no deposit casinos. has been serving the gambling for the past 7 years. An extremely comprehensive, yet simple to use, and very user friendly gambling portal.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

PCDI Canada Courses

PCDI Canada is a recognize, worldwide front-runner in distance education. They provide professional-level career training courses to adult students who desired the extensibility and availability of self-paced home study. When they opened their doors in 1987, they offered just one career training course: their Professional Real Estate Appraisal Program. Interest grew like a bat out of hell, and they increasingly expanded their course offerings.

In their James Madison High School, you may accomplished your high school education and earn your high school diploma. You must note that all of their programs of study are accredited, assuring you of a first-class quality educational experience.

More than a million smart people across the nation and around the world have chosen the PCDI alternative. And their many happy graduates attest to the great value of their training. They hope you’ll be one of them soon.

Today, you can be ready for the profession of your dreams in your choice of more than fifty popular fields like medical transcription, forensic science, interior decorating, Computer Programming, Floral Design and a lot more to choose from.

You have six reasons why to choose PCDI Canada:

1. You don’t have to rearrange your life to take their courses. Learn on your own schedule, at a pace that makes sense for you.
2. Practical, hands-on techniques and procedures fill every lesson. By graduation, you’ll be ready to compete in the ‘real’ world.
3. You’ll enjoy individualized instruction and personal assistance that makes you feel as if you're in a "classroom of one."
4. Exams are open-book and are available online from any computer.
5. They regularly update their course materials to reflect the latest technical advances and research.
6. Got pocket change? That’s all it takes as a down payment to start. Then, you’ll make easy monthly tuition payments that are always interest-free.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Premiere Barstools

Just a while ago, my friend and I talked about her bakery business, and she asked me if where she can find a stylish stools and tables set for her customers. As I stumbled upon that carries both expensive and inexpensive Counter Stools, Kitchen Bar Stools, Extra Tall Stools, Outdoor Stools and Tables, and Pub Table Sets that has great selection to choose from, I said to my self that this is the perfect stools and tables set that you can find in the web.

Premiere Barstools is the number one online assets for kitchen bar stools and counter stools. You can find a huge selection of bar stool and counter stools offered at affordable prices. If you are looking to decorate your home or restaurant with tremendous bar stool seating or you're looking for a new bar set, you have come to the perfect place. With over 350 bar stools and counter stools to choose from, their great selection will help you find the perfect bar stool in your desired price.

They have the excellent selection of barstools and counter stools online. They different kinds of styles such as contemporary or traditional, and you have different kinds of options to choose from such as swivel stools to backless stools. Most of their bar stools come with the option of upholstered seating, which makes it a comfortable place to relax.

There is no other place to find a perfect deal on kitchen bar stools, counter stools, extra tall stools or outdoor stools than Premiere Barstools. They are so dedicated in offering you the great selection of discount bar stools together with outstading customer service that they have a 30-day return policy if you are not satisfied! With the price and selection offered at Premiere Barstools, there is no better place to find the barstools you've been looking for!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical

My vision now has become blurred compared when I was in high school, I can see things clearly, probably this is because I’m too exposed to the computer. Since I entered college, I noticed that I don’t see things as clearly as before. I decided to buy an eyeglass so that it will no longer be difficult for me to copy notes from the board, but then it was quite difficult to find eyeglasses that will fit my dress or hairstyle.

Thank God, as I googled to find eyeglasses that has cool designs and styles I found the that offers $8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses and Holiday Glass Frames
From Zenni Optical
. is the popular online eyeglasses shop online. You will find huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic)lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. They bring to all a very high quality product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sheffield School of Interior Design

Sheffield began as an interior decorating school in 1985, and then outspread its course offerings to cultivate people in other design-related fields, including Feng Shui and Wedding and Event Planning. With thousands of determined students and more than 50,000 graduates, they have practiced more design powerhouse than any school in the world.

Sheffield's offices are stationed in the heart of Manhattan, between Grand Central Station and the United Nations. This place, in the design leading of the world,
allows them to give job to faculty members who are among the fine professionals in their field.

The Sheffield School offers three great courses. Study at home with Sheffield and get started on your new career:

•The Sheffield Complete Course in Interior Design
The Sheffield Complete Course in Interior Design demonstrates everything you need to learn about interior design. You'll learn how to develop lovely rooms that suits the lifestyles of the people who occupy them. And at the same time you'll build up the business skills you need to become a victorious, self-employed decorator.
•The Sheffield Complete Course in Wedding and Event Planning
In today's fast-paced world, many brides have no time to line up an extravagant celebration without the help of others. If you love working with other people and have a creative flair, it's the right time to start a profession in wedding and event planning. Sheffield's Wedding and Event Planning Course offers the most exellent training in the industry, and will show you how to make a place for yourself in this rapidly growing field.
•The Feng Shui Interior Design Course
The art of Feng Shui has remained for thousands of years. At its heart is the mind set that people should live in good will with their surroundings, and that we can accommodate our surroundings to become more harmonious with the environment by following distinct design principles. The Sheffield Course in Feng Shui design will show you how to use these principles to create exquisite room designs — whether your interest in Feng Shui is personal or professional.

All Sheffield Courses Feature:
•Comprehensive, Beautifully Illustrated Lessons

•Teacher-on-Tape Audio Guides

•Audio Analysis

•Access to a Personal Student Advisor

They’ve already helped thousands of students realize their dreams. Let them do the same for you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nouveau University

Nouveau University is the encouraging creation of Jim and Mary Piccolo, and Bob Snyder, business leaders distinguished for their changeover of the real estate investing seminar business. For several years, the team has been victoriously championing practicing real estate experts while teaching lenders extremely relevant
applications for portfolio building.

Nouveau University, founded by entrepreneur Jim Piccolo, was created to offer entrepreneurs and small business professionals practical knowledge specifically designed to help them put their ideas in motion and jump start their careers.

Nouveau University
is a unique business university offering associate and bachelor programs in real estate investing, small business management, accounting, finance, and marketing.

Nouveau University is an Online schooling that are supported by an academic community dedicated to your success. Choosing Nouveau University as a partner for your education is very convenient because No more commuting to school. No extra time away from home or family. No waiting for other students to arrive before class can start. At NU, your education is joined into your lifestyle – not the other way around. You attend classes and finish schoolwork when convenient for you. If you need assistance, you can connect with experienced, practitioner faculty, helpful staff, and fellow students who can guide you through every step.

At Nouveau University, they are fascinated in making your educational experience as affordable as possible by accommodating you with competitively priced tuition.

If you have been wondering whether “online” is right for you, contact Nouveau University now to talk with an Enrollment Specialist about their programs. They are confident that one of their online business programs will suit your way of life and get you started on your path to a new you.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Since I enter college and take up a BSIT course, my eyes are starting to become
blurred and it seems that I don't see things as cearly as before because my eyes are always exposed to computer. Right now, I'm looking for an eyeglass that will suit my unique needs. An eyeglass that would look great to my outfit or hairstyle.

Thankfully, I found this Zenni Optical that sells Great Eyeglasses For Less and Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni. Zenni sells Stylish Prescription Glasses Online from $8. You will find huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic)lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. The Secret to Zenni’s Low Prices is that they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget.

It made me astonish when Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nouveau Riche University Magazine Feature

Graduate Riche!

Nouveau Riche University was recently featured in the January 2008 Issue of Your Business at Home Magazine. This magazine chooses only 1 company per month to feature in it's magazine so choosing Nouveau Riche was a big deal!

This magazine can be found at bookstores such and retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings, Books-A-Million, B. Dalton, and Staples.

Nouveau Riche
University is a Real Estate Investment College offering classes such as Short Sales, Wholesaling, Foreclosures, Buying and Holding, Lease Options, Tax Strategies and more. Read articles from expert authors such as Suze Orman, Tom Hopkins, Stephen Covey and more.

The Graduate Riche website was full-grown to show you a sneak peak at the January 2008 issue of the magazine along with short citation from some of the articles and profiles. Take your time to look through the categories on this website to acquire information more about Nouveau Riche University and see success profiles from several of their students as well as
relevant articles from industry skilled such as Suze Orman, Tom Hopkins, Sharon Lechter and more.If you are engrossed in attending some of their real estate investing classes or want to raise some questions about their company, please contact the Independent Student Advisor that introduced you to Nouveau Riche University, or visit their website for more information:

They are delighted to publicize that the January 2008 Issue of Your Business at Home Magazine features Nouveau Riche University! Your Business at Home is a number one, nationally distributed magazine for results-driven businessperson. Each issue of this top-level publication feature only one chosen company, with high class photography and articles that deliver unmatched solidity in a 100-page, full color magazine including a DVD providing exciting video clips of student testimonials, live college classes, and company background information.

The January 2008 issue of Your Business at Home hit newsstands worldwide on December 18th including bookstores and retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings, Books-A-Million, B. Dalton, and Staples. It will continue to be in a place on
newsstands until February 18th, so if you haven’t seen this issue yet, rush over to your nearest bookstore and pick and choose one up before they are all gone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Need Some Laughter?

To those people who are heartbroken, problematic, feeling lonely or unloved, irritable, annoyed, feeling hopeless, feeling tired all the time, feeling like things are not fun anymore, dissapointed, feel so weary or what we call "depression". If you feel that it's hard for you to enjoy the good things about your life, why not try and navigate your page to They have a very large selection of jokes in many categories and I'm sure, you will forget all your sadness and will change it to a happy life. And also laughter is the best medicine to your heart.

It includes all the standards like blonde jokes, dirty jokes, Yo mamma jokes, political jokes, nerd jokes, computer jokes, lawyer jokes, clean jokes and many more.

Several of the listed categories are unusual like Real Man Test, Fun While Driving,
Fuzzy Language, Rules For Women, Signs Of Insanity, Self Evaluation, Horror Movie Survival, Bathroom Wisdom and a whole lot of other strange kinds of jokes. had been online for many years and has been collecting
and posting jokes for many years.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MyDebtConsolidation : Debt Consolidation Advices

With most American family profound in debt, theirs no doubt that people are looking for ways to lessen their financial problems. As a direct outcome of this, the business of Debt Consolidation has become a multi-million dollar industry. Scores of people agree to its services. But do they really have to? Although a particular person could attain the same total result by tackling his or her condition personally, the advantages of using a stable and honorable organization should not be summarily terminate. An excellent debt consolidation company employs skilled and knowledgeable professionals, and it's possible that they could attain creditor negotiation arise a bit more quickly. is a nationwide credit counseling agency offers advice on debt consolidation loan. The average U.S. family is in debt to over $9,000 with unsecured debt (i.e. credit cards). They are here to help these families and individuals consolidate their debts, reduce interest rates and improve quality of life.

In today's market, banks don’t want to foreclose on your home. In fact, the bank's investors are querying the banks to do whatever they can to keep you in the home. So, if you are behind on your mortgage payments, this may be a perfect time for you to get some relief. Stop the bank's foreclosure and stay in your house.

There are many internet sites out there promising you a free report and score, just for signing up.

To get a totally free credit report and scores, follow these steps:
1.Go to this offer for free credit report and scores for 30 days.
2.Print out all your free credit report and scores
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And if you want to apply for their debt plan, you will get some benefits this may include:
•Reduced interest rates
•Removing fees
•Lowering one's overall monthly payment
•Consumer is able to reduce balance faster, most becoming debt free in 3-5 years
•Once plan is active, collection calls will stop

Monday, October 13, 2008

Chapman House Inc. Drug Rehab

Choosing a drug rehab center is one of the extremely significant and difficult decisions you will attain in your life. Some of us know what to consider in a high quality rehab program and not all drug rehabilitation centers are the same. Each drug rehab has its own program alternative, staff eligibility, credentials, price, and effectiveness.

Deciding to cast about the remedy for a loved one with a drug, alcohol or emotional challenge is daunting, and choosing the appropriate drug rehab treatment program can be even more challenging. Chapman House is dedicated to providing those with chemical dependency, dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders with the highest quality of proficient care available.

This website specifies the drug treatment services they offer and provides information on their adult addiction treatment center, drug rehab facility and their exclusive adolescent drug rehab program located in Orange County, California. Their wide range of alternatives includes treatment for co-existing disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction, food addiction and eating disorders and more. They also offer family intervention, psychological testing, drug testing, addiction tests, and other services to help end addiction.

Take a look around, and then contact them for more details on how Chapman House Drug Rehab Program and the Teen Savers programs can help you and your loved ones get the help you deserve. Please know that they are here to offer you support and guidance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about drug detoxification, drug intervention, addiction and inpatient drug treatment for adults, co-existing disorders, our exclusive inpatient program for adolescents, and their Executive Drug Rehab at Capo.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Real Estate Investing Success Stories

Is Nouveau Riche Scam? Is it too good to be true? Well after researching the company in depth, I found the correct opposite to be true. Nouveau Riche is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to get educated in real estate investing.

Nouveau Riche University offers a wide variety of over 30 real estate investing and business related classes including short sales, wholesaling, fix & flip, business financial management, foreclosures, retirement plan investing, buying out of state deals and more.

Nouveau Riche is one of the enormous Real Estate financing organizations in the country. By Nouveau Riche University, the student will become a member of the Nouveau Riche community and have exclusive access to Nouveau Riche Community Benefit Companies.

The site has all the information about the top 10 Real Estate Scam and on how to avoid the Nouveau Riche scam. Watch out for the Nouveau Riche Scam that you weren’t aware of and dial into the Chairman’s Call where Mark Kohler and his team of attorneys will expose some real scams and tell you how to avoid them.

Go to to read success stories about Nouveau Riche University students who have attended the Nouveau Riche University, quit their day jobs and have closed on numerous properties to created wealth and provide proof that Nouveau Riche is not a scam.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Larkspur Hotels Belamar

Looking forward on your vacation abroad? Looking for a stylish hotels that suits your unique needs? Looking for a very cozy ambiance of Hotels?
The Belamar Hotel invites you to experience their fusion of design, indulgence and function. Los Angeles has many attractions as it has dreamers. From golden sands and blue sea to world-class museums, verdant parks and all the shopping for every taste, step outside the Belamar Hotel lobby in Manhattan Beach.
Larkspur Landing - offering hotel accommodations in Northern California, Portland and Seattle. The Larkspur Landing hotels are cozy all-suite hotels suitable for extended stay and corporate housing. The family of Northern California hotels, Silicon Valley hotels, Portland hotels, and a preeminent Seattle area hotel, offers a comfortable extended stay hotel experience, often with fully equipped in-room kitchens, free Internet, grocery shopping service, and in room entertainment like DVD players and movies.
Exclusive Manhattan Beach accommodation offers boardwalk and beach fun and the laid back, California beach town appeal. Not only that they have recreational activities for their beloved customers that they will enjoy all the fun that the Hotel Manhattan Beach has to offer such as:

- Swimming pool and whirlpool spa
- Adrenaline, our onsite fitness center
- Manhattan Beach Surfing lessons
- Hanging glides
- Bike rentals
- Kayak rentals
- Beach Volleyball

To fully enjoy your Manhattan Beach vacations experience their soothing in-room spa treatment and a blissful nights sleep in their devishly decadent beds.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Promote Adult Erotic Hypnosis Concept

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Online Casino

Are you looking for a fabulous, fantastic and wonderful website where you can experience the enjoyment of playing casino? I will recommend to you this Online Casinos that offers an excellent gameplay, great bonuses and terrific customer service. has different kinds of Online Casinos that you can choose like Italian, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Danish and Japanese Online Casinos. And also in the right side corner of the website, it will guide us to the best online casinos on the internet, there you will see the Hot Online Casinos, Best Online Casinos, Top Online Casinos and much more. is your premier source for online gambling information. It is extremely comprehensive and was designed with great care for today's online gambler, looking for a reputable and high quality online casinos. Features free casino games, no deposit casinos, all American casinos and much more.

So if you want to experience this online gambling site, navigate your page now and go to their website then try your luck on your favorite casino game.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chat Lines

Are you bored and want to have fun and meet new friends? Talk121 is offering a Free Access to their chat line. It is a free local phone chat line service offering live free chat and also voice personals. These line are often called phone chat lines, chat lines, live chat lines, free teen and adult chat lines and local chat lines. Talk121 has also an Online Chat room were you can chat for hours with like minded singles for you. So why don't you try and have fun? then go to their site and sign up now to become a member.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Roomster-Roommates, Apartments & Sublets

Are you having a hard time looking for a good apartment which is affordable and easy to use? is the No.1 online apartment, rentals and sublets provider. is the clear leader in online apartment, sublet and roommate hunting because they have Google maps, last member log in, quick messages, quick links and the apts to share feature, ease of use and large active member ship. has good services that suites you best. So why don't you go to their site and sign up now and be feel at home.

Learn a language?

Eager to learn different kinds of languages? I myself would love to learn different languages especially Japanese and French. And I found a cool site that really helps me a lot and might help you as well. The site that I'm talking to you is the that helps more than one million people worldwide to learn new language just in the comfort of their home. They offer products like Rapidly Master Core Language Skills with BYKI Deluxe that lock hundreds of words and phrases in your memory and hear native speaker sound, the second one is the Learn Language Now! version 10 that has a full-motion video and hear real native speaker sound, the third one is the Everywhere Audio Course that builds vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation and grammar skills with dozens of lessons on audio CD and the fourth one is the Complete Learning Suites that you can learn everything Transparent Language has to offer, it has everything you need from start to finish. The site has software and resources in over 105 languages, so if you want to learn Spanish, learn French or learn Italian language, Transparent Language will be their to help you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Research Paper Writing

Have tight submission date but no free time for your research papers? is perfect for you. They offer different kinds of research paper writing service like Thesis, Dissertation, Term Paper, Writing in Humanities, Essay Writing, Science Research Project and more. The site has all the information about Research Paper Topics for them to achieve their goals and at the same time make sure to fetch the right behavior for the subject such as Good research paper topics, Interesting research topics and High school research topics. They also have all the information about Research paper samples so that their clients would know what would be the outcome of their project like Research paper outline, Research paper cover page, Good research paper topics and Interesting research topics.

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As a leading academic writing site they encourage you to take your writing skills to the next level. This is a vital service because getting through a good college with great grades is your stepping stone to future success.

Small Business Loans

To all aspiring business men out there who have guts and take your business to the next level, are here to help you because they have the Top-Notch EXPERTS that will help you through Small Business Financing and Small Business Loans. They specializes in Business Loan and Lines of Credit like No Collateral, No Tax Returns, No Business Plans, No UCC Fillings, No Headaches, 6% + APR, NO DOC to $200 ,000 (Start-Ups OK!) and EZ DOC to $10 Million. What I like about this site is that they have excellent service, Fast Funding and Easy Process.

$8 Complete Prescription Eyeglasses + Case

Guys are you looking for stylish eyeglasses which is affordable and 100% guarantee? Why don't you try and visit this Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni and Zenni Optical $8 Rx Eyeglasses. sells stylish prescription glasses online. You will find huge selection of frames with single vision lens, sunsensor(potochronic)lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. The Secret to Zenni's low prices is that they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget . And I was amazed because Zenni Optical was on Fox news.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Disability Insurance

The importance of having a Disability Insurance is really a big asset to individuals because we can't say if sooner or later we become sick or hurt to work that's why we should protect our in come to maintain the lifestyle and protect your family's future. is the leading disability insurance website. Disability Insurance is a unique financial planning vehicle because it ensures what is usually one's largest asset, the ability to earn an income and thus one's future income. The website gives a complete information about how can you protect your self and your income and it has the ability to access competitive quotes. The site also has the information about the difference among the types of disability plans for your income protection like Physician Disability Insurance, Dentists Disability Insurance and Residents Disability Insurance.

Need a Life Insurance?

It's really important that each and everyone of us should have a life insurance because we'll never know what will happened sooner or later and also it will benefit you and to your love ones. Term Life Insurance covers usually from 5 to 30 years. If you purchased $1,000,000 term life insurance policy for 20-year period and you die in any of these 20 years, your beneficiary receives the million dollars. offers the consumer access to the entire life insurance rates database and custom quotes. has different options of Instant Life Insurance Quotes like Instant Term Life Quotes, Instant Return of Premium Quotes. You can even get life insurance quotes online by filling out a quote request and they will work quickly to get you insured. Writing Help P6

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Thursday, July 31, 2008


My parents' dream is to have our own house but most houses today are very expensive and we can't afford it to pay in one time, that's why my parents apply a mortgage loan. Home Mortgage deals with a lender or a broker. Mortgages allow us to pay over 15 to 30 years until we finished our loan payment. Mortgage Finders Network is the best stop for mortgages loans, they specializes in finding mortgage loans regardless of your locale. This site offers a lot of options that fits your needs like Home Purchase, Home Refinance or Equity Line. They have all the information and facts about mortgages loans to help you compare the different financing options. This site will help you some tips when comparing mortgage loans about Rates, Points, Fees and Down Payment. After you have compared the costs and terms of the loan, its time to negotiate to get the best deal that you can. Mortgage Finders Network will help you process your mortgage loan. Having your own home is the best achievement in one's life because it compromised in terms of safety and stability.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looking for Credit Cards?

Are you looking for credit cards? Do you want to apply for one? Are you still confused on what credit card you will choose? Your Credit Network will help you find good credit cards that fits for you. In this site, they offer different kinds of credit cards that you can choose from and some of them are low interest Credit Cards, Instant Approval Cards, Bad Credit Credit Cards, Reward Credit Cards, Cash Back Credit Cards, Student Credit Cards and more. Your Credit Network specializes on informing consumers about credit card offers and how to use credit wisely plus it is easier to apply for your credit card online than the usual process that you have to wait for days for the approval and it really consumes a lot of time right? So why not try the Your Credit Network and apply online to the best credit cards they offer and I'm sure you will love it and you will not take for granted.

Auto Loan

When i was a kid, it's really my dream to have a car. So ambitious right? But of course I have no money to buy and I can't demand to my parents because we can't afford to buy a car. But to those people who have plans to buy a car with affordable monthly payment or car loans , Get The Best Auto Loan is best for you.

In this site, they have two Auto Loan types, the Loans for New Cars and Loans for Used Cars. You can choose either of the two. In the Loans for New Cars, it is much more efficient to get your new auto loan online because it has lower interest rates, Dealerships sometimes add to your interest rate in order to increase their profit, Dealerships might match your interest rate, but add more months to the length of the loan costing you much more. Avoid the the "song and dance" from the dealership sales people and manager, and online lenders can approve you almost instantly. And in Loans for Used Cars, it is also more advantage for you because it will cost less and have lower interest rates. When buying a Used Auto Loan, it has no restriction on how old car can be, better interest rates than the dealerships, instant approval and will not be turned down due to bad credit or less than perfect credit history .

So what re you waiting for sign up now and let them help you buy your dream car today.

Overnight Cash Advance Loan

My sister once had a problem with our tuition fees because at that time she is in short on cash especially now that we're three in college already. That's why she planned in applying in a cash advance loans so that we can now pay our balance for our tuition fees.

How about you? Have you ever tried that your in short on cash? Have you ever tried applying in a cash advance loan?

Personal Cash Advance is perfect for your unexpected expenses. Personal Cash Advance is the top tier payday loan and cash advance provider because they have flexible payment option, 100% online, Fast and easy service, Confidential and Secure and Cash deposited directly to your account overnight.

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Auto Insurance

Nowadays, it is important that we have insurances because we'll never know what will happened when the time comes. Insurance Portal is one of the best insurance program that will help you to insured and protect your life. They offer different kinds of insurances like Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance. One of the important factors to insured you life is to have an Auto Insurance. If you already have a car or just planning to buy a car, Insurance Portal is here to help your life protected with their Auto Insurance plan.

In their Auto Insurance plan there are six types of coverage you can receive like Collision, Bodily injury, Property Damage, Personal Injury Protection, Uninsured Coverage and Comprehensive. Once you encountered one of their coverage, Insurance Portal will be there to back you up.

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Run out of cash?

Nowadays, money is hard to find, you have to work hard for you to earn a lot of money especially now that our economy is really down. And there was a time that we're really running out of money in our packets because of having a lot of bills to pay like
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