Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dueling Diva

One of the great things about MP3 players like iPods and music download services like the iTunes Music Store is how they revive your interest in music -- in fact, not just revive what you already knew and liked, but open the door to the whole slew of other tunes and tunesmiths.

When I got my one gigabyte iPod nano a couple of months ago, I never thought I'd fill it up so fast. One gig is enough for about 180 songs in the .mp3 format, and 180songs are more than a girl like me can count on her fingers.

Music is meant for comfort. We listen to it not to get upset, or angry, or distressed; even the seadness that some music brings it bittersweet, because it reminds us of a past whose chief virtue seems to be, well, it happened.

That's why as soon as got my iPod, I launched into a personal campaign to acquire, digitize, and store every bit of todays music I could get my hands on. (Mp3 players and programs allow you to copy music from CDs and to download music files off the Internet. Please take note that legal restrictions may apply.)

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