Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Whole-Brain Thinking For Leaders

Imagine the World without the Wright Brothers, Alexander Gramham Bell, Thomas Alba Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Sam Walton or our very own taipans like Henry Sy and John Gokongwei. We wouldn't have the airplanes , telephones, electricity, cars, and computers that power our daily lives, and the malls that we enjoy. We wouldn't have the conveniences and comforts that we commonly take for granted. These men became successful because they were creative innovators and grandmasters of their own business game. Their vision and creative abilities were powered by both analytical and intuitive genius. Theirs are the sharp minds of whole brain thinkers.

These achievers combined their left and right brain abilities to ensure success. In the age of the knowledge economy where intellectual capital is crucial to growth and development in business and in life, it is imperative to be whole brain thinker. At a time when competitiveness spurs an organization into becoming the best, we need to arm our businesses with whole brain thinkers. We need men and women who utilize all aspects of the brain to create value and opportunities for our business.

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