Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Hope and Wait

I cannot count the days!
Ridiculed by my excitement
but God's will is what I should wait
I can't believe...But I must be abdicated.
Poly means many.
So I say I am polyproblematic
WAnting instant answers
by words of encouragement.

The scope of my understanding.
it covers...nothing...nothing!
I love to see comfort approaching
but unwilling to sacrifice what a living!

Who am I as myself?
Whoa! No one can differentiate herself!
Either from others or from a good model
be revealed in biblical level!

Has nothing to do or has nothing to boast for
at present, today, yesterday and tomorrow.
Blessed I am, I dream and I breathe.
I should feel the moment I'm right here at peace.

I hope and i wait..
Forget the wrong-thoughts that the devil is putting
in my head.
Battle cries are prepared by prayers,
correct me, Lord, 'cause I'm hurrying for an answer.

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