Saturday, June 14, 2008

Silent Protest

In our country today, knowing the fact that it is democratic ran by a president chosen and elected by the nation, typical sceneries of rallies and protests are portrayed in some common areas. Girls, boys, children and adults join the protest. Protest that shouts and begs for equal treatment of the policies established by ranked individuals in the society.

An ordinary person like me, living in this drastic yet innocent world, has a silent protest within me. Activists are always present in the streets because they always see the wrong, dirty side of the world. They don't see the bright and wonderful side of it. They always contradict the decisions of the leaders instead of supporting it. They always raise their big, small, heavy, and light placards. They always shout, raising their voices to the highest pitch. They make noise barrages, hunger strikes and throw pillboxes. Above all, they are the voice of the people. But can we still consider then as good citizens of the country, good followers and abiders of the law?

Maybe some, such leaders of the activists, but majority of them are yes considered active, active in doing immoralities, and unethical behaviors. They criticize the government of not doing its best to reduce and prevent poverty, but did they do something about it? They always reproduce, and when time comes that they can't support their families anymore, they blame the government. That's what they always do and can only do.

Sometimes I feel that everything is a joke. The government is doing its best to develop the country but people don't see it. They make agreements with other countries that would help us comfortable in any means but people see it as if the government is selling the nation.

The people want the President to be impeached, but do they ever consider that the President has done good for the country, and do they ever think that what if the present president will be impeached and the next person in line could not lessen the problems in the country, will they impeach him and will do the same?

I guess the basic problem that I see now is that there is no unity among Filipinos, they don't support the leader in his or her decisions. These are just my opinions, and democracy will still prevail.

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