Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bill O' Reilly's Who's Looking Out for You

BILL O' REILLY would have you think that he's looking out for you. In his book, he rails against just about any individual or entity who he thinks doesn't. Which is well and good, especially for those who can't get enough of his no-holds-barred enunciation of conservative views; he makes his points with clarity and, more often than not, with good old-fashioned logic and common sense. And as faithful followers of his popular Fox News Channel -- and readers of his other best-selling hardbacks The O' Reilly Factor: The Good, The Bad And The Completely Ridiculous In American Life and The No-spin Zone: Confrontations With The Powerful And Famous In America -- know only too well, he is adept at making his vitriol acceptable to the faceless mases who form the core market of Who's Looking Out For You?
There's just one problem, though; we're not really O'Reilly's target audience. From the opening page to the acknowledgments, the book is, quite unabashedly, a self-hep treatise on how the average American can cope with the changing, post-9/11 times, including how he can look out for himself and identity who else is looking out for him. for readers on this side of the globe, it's comforting to note that O'Reilly gets more personal in Who's Looking Out For You?.

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