Friday, March 21, 2008


I had a friend named Melissa. Not that long ago she was excited about life. So many choices! She wasn't a kid anymore, but still there was plenty of time left.

After all, It was her life and she would choose what was right or wrong for her. She would experiment. Get new friends. Do things she was curious about, but had never tried before.

And so she did. It was fun and even more exciting than she had imagined. Even the "cover ups" in front of her family and her old friends provided a thrill.

Then one night she went to a party where she did things she couldn't quite remember. Everything was a blur and out of control. The last thing she recalled was holding on to a wall and sinking into a corner.

The next morming Melissa found herself on a strange mattress, her rumpled clothes saturated with the smell of beer and smoke from last night's party. Her head hurt and she felt so powerless, alone and lost.

It wasn't supposed to be like this and it definitely wasn't fun anymore. But it had been her choice. She had no one to blame.

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