Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Real Into Phony

Perhaps the graphic depiction of violence and irreverent material in the media and entertainment industry has caused inurement in the minds of youth. Perhaps the technological era we live in has made life so simple that people can be completely egotistic. I have failed to pinpoint an accurate antagonist, but something has caused society to lose some of its grip on reality. Something is making people care less.
It seems that morality and integrity in society become more questionable every day. Maybe my cynical attitude comes with age and, therefore, knowledge. Maybe everything has always been this bad and I just didn't noticed. People don't care about things. A person selfishly sees himself as some ideal persona who does nothing productive but, through some form of magic, is better than everyone else. They find pleasure in mind-altering substances that offer simulated happiness and supremacy. I refer to these callous individuals as "fake". Real people care about the feelings of others. Real people speak the truth. They respect authority and obligations impulsively. They fall in love and it's real.
It is disturbingly probable that I sound like a utopian writer who understands nothing of the real world. I merely choose to see those people who try to mold reality into something selfish as less than real. The brainless masses that are too selfish to respect (and occasionally feel sympathy for) their fellow human beings are fake. They will never offer nor receive love, as do real people, yet real people suffer. Real people do not commit crimes. Violence is a result of the selfish idiocy demonstrated by fake folks. I wish there is something that I could do to change the world, but the phony people desire the continuity of their dreamlike lifestyles too fervently to listen. They have too much enjoyment to care about anything real.

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