Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Online Games

Online games are said to be "hit" than real sports. Its a sad story that we young people faces. Our youth and reckless mind has little by little corrupted by modernity. The problem is, computer games can destroy peace of mind, health and it maybe the reason why the gamer have taken its responsibilities for granted.

You are familiar with Freestyle, and Pangya, right? These are online games derived from basketball and golf, respectively. How about Ragnarok and RF online? These are level-up online games that extends towards war and killing. But, what will the players gain upon them? Eye deffection, passive action towards responsibilities and the worse, some get sick like ulcer and pneumonia. How did they win these illness? Based on my experience, I myself has acquired them, because I am also playing online game at the cold computer shop. (That's the price of the hard-headed people.) Sometimes, players forget their meal time.

Once an addict gamer will start to play, no one can stop him, unless he choose to stop. But after that game, he will still look for it. Some players stays at the shop for 24 hours, and at least 10-12 hours. Well, a lot of time wasted!

Have you ever heard the real story about a young man who played online for straight 3 days and 3 nights that causes his death! See, how he lost his future, his dreams and his life? He abuse his self just to have the nonsense game in exchange of his precious life.

The said that engaging in online game will develop your confidence. I doubt, It's the pride and the vain glory of the gamer.

The lesson here is, if you want to have fun and leisure, why don't you just play the real game! Sports will help in building-up your mind, strength, flexibility, endurance, agility and relationship with your team mates and opponents. Perhaps, there is nothing wrong with sports.

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