Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Separate Ways

I never thought one day,
That to my friends, I would be away,
A friendship we are just starting
To let it enhance, were trying.

We've been together
Through sorrows and laughter,
Moments we've all fears, together we dared.

My smiles were vanishing
And tears of mine are falling
What was that for?

The oneness, ended up divided,
The unity, perhaps also ended
However, I'm hoping with sincerity
That we'll soon be brought
by our faith and loyalty.

I believe we'll be friends until tomorrow.
I know we're all just starting to grow
But still, these trials - together we will face
Through we already go our
Separate Ways.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh...how sad..=(

Dominick Pilapil said...

whoa!!I never thought..hehe
anyway,I was surpised that my "digital friend" could write such a great poem..keep it up!!