Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Not Emo

My friends say that I'm Emo because I usually listen to Emo music, they always say that I'm Emo because all the play list in my iPod are in one genre which is Emo, they always say that i'm emo because i have one sided bangs. I really insist that I'm not Emo but they always calling me that and I hate it.!!!

I usually listen to Emo music because I just like the rhythm of the song and when I listen to Emo music it relaxes my mind and body and I just don't know why. And about my one sided bangs, It's just a fashion. It started to cut my hair like this when I was 1st year in college because at that time Tsinovela and Koreanovela are very popular and I'm always watching their show. I noticed that the hair of their actors and actresses has a very unique hairdo and I like it, that's why until now my hair is like this.

And to those people who always calling me Emo, please please please...stop calling me that, it's really annoying!!!

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