Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In Disguise

It is your unique kind that
made me fall
Your different mood that
excites me most
it is your cocky style that
makes me laugh
though you shed tears, for me
you always seems tough

yes, you are sometimes rude
and you hurt me with that
but you are trying to prove to
me that you are not like that
you are also selfish and so not
seem to care
but when the time
you love me
it seems that you also learn
to share

baby, it is okey, i believe
in you
everything will be okey,
because you have just
been true
do not worry because
i trust you
have no doubt baby,
i love you

they say you are a bad guy
they say that you are not
worth it for the love i gave
they say that you are good
in lying
but i do not believe them
because i know
who you are and
what you show

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