Friday, March 21, 2008

A True Friend

1. When something good happens to my friend, I genuinely feel happy for him/her with no hint of jealousy.
2. When my friends have problems, I do whatever I can to help them even if it costs me something.

3. It is easy for me to forgive a person who has hurt my feelings, and be friends with him/her again.

4. When my friends are in trouble, they come to me for help or advice or simply talk to me about what are they going through.
5. My lifestyle and my words encourage my friends to stay away from activities and habits that will bring them down.
6. When a friend does something embarrassing, I may laugh with them about it, but I'll never make fun of them.
7. I don't choose my friends by the way they look or how rich they are.

8. I never say mean things about my friends especially behind their backs.

9. I can be trusted. When a friend tells me a secret, it will remain a secret.

10. A friendship to me is not a just about what I can get out of it. I know I have the responsibility to look out for my friends.

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